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Our first of the series book is in the works, Team Helping Diabetes is the first book to explore how being diagnosed with Type 1 actually makes you a part of a team rather than feeling alone with a new diagnosis.

Understanding You are a Part of Team

Every friend you make, every doctor who helps you are all part of your Team Helping you manage Type 1 Diabetes. You make a difference in those around you, and those around you can really change your life too.


We are fundraising for a Team Helping book to help support and educate newly diagnosed Type 1 children. Please support us in helping to fund research into cures and treatments for type 1 diabetes.

 "My life is not just about diabetes...it is always part of my day, but it is not me, or my day. One day, when I am older, I hope I can be part of the team that will make Team Helping: Diabetes, be like a fairy tale; long ago and far away"  "   Jared Bergen at 7 years old

By supporting Team Helping you will help support education and emotional support for newly diagnosed kids.

Both Maya and Jared were diagnosed with Type1 Diabetes. They really try to not let it get them down. We would love nothing more than to have an end date after the diagnosis date to say we found a cure in thier lifetime.

Jared was diagnosed 06/14/07

Maya was diagnosed 05/16/13

It would be amazing if we could find a cure for diabetes and you will help us get another step forward. Please donate so we can end type 1 diabetes!

Please join us in our efforts to help the over 300,000 Canadian children and adults living with type 1 diabetes by making a donation today. Secure online donations can be made through Paypal with VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.


Thank you so much,

 Jared, Maya and Team Helping


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Interested in working with our Team Helping? Want to get the book at your local hospital, doctor's office or Library? Send us an email TheTeam@teamhelping.com