If you, or someone you know has just been diagnosed with diabetes

…or any disease or condition that changes and challenges your life, and you are not sure how important or big your Team Helping is, or if you even have one, do this. Take at least one picture every day, and make them into a collage, putting lots of pictures together. You will soon realize that your life is about daily routines, school or work, friends, family, and lots of strangers who help you in ways you do not always realize.

“My life is not just about diabetes…it is always part of my day, but it is not me, or my day.”

There may be many different reasons you have come to the Diabetes and Me or Team Helping site. We are a part of your team, if you are newly diagnosed, an family member, a support team member, a medical professional, a Certified Diabetic Educator, or just someone who is trying to raise awareness or self awareness of Diabetes we are here for you.

Understanding You are a Part of Team

Team Helping Diabetes is the first book to explore how being diagnosed with Type 1 actually makes you a part of a team rather than feeling alone with a new diagnosis. Every friend you make, every doctor who helps you are all part of your Team Helping you manage Type 1 Diabetes. You make a difference in those around you, and those around you can really change your life too.


“This is just an incredible undertaking. I absolutely love the way it is written, the message it sends, and the very practical information it provides. And I love the drawings! They remind me of super hero stuff, which describes Jared perfectly! The most important part is that Jared talked about so many issues that are a vital part of diabetes. Please tell him that I think he did the most wonderful job (and I’m not just saying this – I really mean it) and that I’m proud to be a part of his healing team!”

Joanie Warner, N.P., C.D.E. Type 1 Diabetes Specialist,
Dr. Jody Stanislaw

” What a tremendous gift the Team Helping book is to all newly diagnosed kids and families lucky enough to find this gem! I was diagnosed in 1980 and something like this would have been fabulous to help me and my family adjust! The story makes understanding diabetes so simple. The colorful and playful illustrations are fabulous. It touches also on the importance of reaching out to others to build a community, to counteract the painful loneliness that newly diagnosed families often feel. The idea to get this book to all newly diagnosed families is sheer brilliance. A huge thank you to this family for your vision for it, and your time and efforts to create it! “

Jody Stanislaw, N.D., C.D.E., Type 1 Diabetes Specialist,
The Team

Jared is the founder of Team Helping. He has been an inspiration long before he was diagnosed with diabetes, just a few months before his fifth birthday. He has a tremendous insight into the profound changes in his life. His sensitivity and willingness to share his journey with newly diagnosed diabetics and their families helped made this book a reality. His words, ideas, commitment and motivation, are an example and a challenge for us all to increase our “team spirit”.

Ilana is the mom of two Type 1 Diabetic kids (now teens) and has had to go way out of her comfort zone to become a mathematician, medical specialist, inventor, lobbyist, blogger, crisis manager and nutritionist- and all without a full night’s sleep. From this she has learned so much and hopes to share this with others through the support groups and books like Team Helping and Diabetes and Me. She is an inspiration for all the other team members and a loved mom, daughter,  wife and depending on the day or time… so much more.

Randi is Jared and Maya’s grandma. Her goal is to help people find their passion and make a difference in the world every day. This book will help. It has been an honor and privilege sharing the experience of creating this book with Jared and our Team Helping. Hopefully, it will inspire other families create their own Team Helping, whatever the need. She looks forward to many sequels as Jared has new ideas to share. She is currently using Jared’s concept as a template for new books for other diseases and other causes, all over the world.

Maya is Jared’s little sister who prefers to not be thought of as that, she is more of an artist, a creator, a designer and a happy spirit, but still has time to make sure her brother checks his blood sugar and eats right.  She loves to draw and work on family projects. She embodies the spirit of Team Helping. Maya was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 6 years after her brother was, and took her diagnosis in stride since she always admired how her brother handled his own new responsibilities.

Kris is the dad of two Type 1 Diabetic kids (now teens) and  stands tall in our Team Helping, both as a great dad and MVP Team Helping member. His creativity and vision often inspires wonderful family projects and we hope his illustrations will put a smile on your face.

There are many other members of Team Helping, who have been a special part of this project, and his life. While we cannot acknowledge you all by name, we are filled with love and gratitude for your contributions.