We are an organization offering awareness, support, community and education in the area of Type 1 Diabetes .

The not for profit organization, Diabetes and Me is operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to provide resources to newly diagnosed families with children who are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Our network has been built to include an online support group with over 8000 national families (members) and over 2500 right here in the Pacific Northwest. We further our purpose by conducting the following activities:

Diabetes and Me charitable group offer books to newly diagnosed families free of charge, offers online support and has offered family fun days fully sponsored and allow kids and parents to feel ‘normal for a day and see that there are many others dealing with the diagnosis successfully to support each other, learn and gain new connections.

We thank you for your support.

By providing education and support for the T1D community we can help kids and families live a full and happy life.

For information regarding partnerships and working with Diabetes + Me please contact.

Ilana Bergen
Director, Diabetes+Me

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